sotm at kawaii

i’ve won the second place as site of the month at kawaii (unfortunately her site is down right now). she gave me this
she owns many cute sites including this cute sites directory. i have to spend some time surfing the sites there :)

i’m still getting very annoying random popups on my IE. i still can’t find the cause of them :( i uploaded some examples here. does anyone have an idea how to get rid of them?! they are totally random web based popups. arg arg arg..


thank you for all the beautiful responses. i really didn’t expect them. thank you! i feel a lot better now altho i still wish i won’t be heading into the finals week so soon (mondays make you think of reality sigh..). there is a lot of school works to do. i lost a website job i applied for the summer. but i’m not as sad about it as i was on friday. the person says he will still give me contract works if i want. i’m not sure. i plan to work many hours in the computer lab. summer is finally here! i think it’s time for a break. look! this is the gift andy gave me on saturday when i was crying. yesterday we spent a wonderful day together. i didn’t get up tho until the afternoon. i stayed up finishing watching meteor garden II until 7 in the morning LOL.. after i got up, i did haircuts for both my dad and andy. then andy grilled some chicken breast and we made side dishes. it was a nice meal. we were all stuffed. at nite we went to dairy queen got some ice cream and went for a walk.
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why can’t i stop dreaming?

i’ve been crying a lot lately. i don’t even know why sometimes. yesterday i missed andy terribly at school. i was walking under the sun back and forth trying to decide whether i wanted to skip a class to take a bus to see andy. i finally decided not to. i wanted to call him just to say i missed him but i never did it. trying to reach him at kfc is so hard. no one ever seems to pick up the phone. it would just make me more sad if i called. it’s been a LONG time since he visited me at school. we used to walk along the river in a beautiful day like yesterday. every time i think about that, i feel so selfish. andy’s been working so hard day and nite for our future and i’m here trying to grasp dreamy romance – something so unrealistic. i take away a lot of his resting time at nite too.. just so i feel less lonely. i want to keep him awake.. isn’t that selfish? but
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love.. oh love..

i can’t believe rongrong went to shanghai to look for me. i didn’t read his diary until today.. i also found the entry he wrote after we broke up. if he would only know.. i do miss him and wish to talk to him again :( i hope he checks his email in the near future. i went to yuan club to reopen my profile there. that was the place where we met. i wrote in my description that i hope he’s doing well. it’s funny how i wish time could go back.. my story was more beautiful than any soap operas if i’d to read all the diary i’ve written for him… at least i held back my tears tonite.

beautiful weekend

so many beautiful things happened this weekend. first of all, i want to thank jenn with all my heart for making this beautiful fanlisting. i really don’t know if i deserve it or not but i’m extremely touched by it. then andy’s mom’s easter party was very lovely. we each got a easter basket and a yummy breakfast. i even got a glowing in the dark bunny necklace haha. it’s a treasure. i meet up with steve last nite to study for the system software exam today. two other friends of his were there too so we discussed the practice exam. we had a room in the library all to ourselves and i got to teach a bit while writing on the blackboard. it felt so good!! you know i’ve always studied by myself and i’m usu. kinda depressed and worried about the upcoming test but the study last nite was FUN! i am looking forward to the test now :)
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