Tina’s note

some people are just so sweet and always make me smile. thank you Tina for your sweetest note! “you probably get a lot of these, but congratulations! i’m a big fan of yours, i really admire your work and inteligence, culture, etc… and i love chinese people, i think you’re the smartest. I’m brazilian and… Continue reading Tina’s note

school n work


woohoo!! i just finished a $700 project!! it was writing a complete shopping cart system (admin included of course) for a website. thanks to kasper for giving me this opportunity! i am so happy. it took me a total of 6 hours (i think) coz i’ve done something very similiar for echirps before. i just… Continue reading WOOHOO


copykat purr!

copykat (screenshot in case she takes it down) of my dearest leah dare to submit the site to new millennium. SHAME SHAME SHAME!! disrepect to the baby!! grrrrrrrr copykat sucks! are you still using <iframe> and </iframe> for your page when you need an iframe? you really should NOT any more because there’s a much… Continue reading copykat purr!


blogathon 2003

WE DID IT!! and we did very well too :) over 200 images posted during 2003-7-26 and 2003-7-27 (slow connection users sorry. we will have page numbers later).i had a lot of fun looking at the pictures, chatting in the chatroom and commenting on the posts. altho it was quite tiresome. but the 24 hours… Continue reading blogathon 2003