9 thoughts on “can't return without a tag

  1. One day I wanted to return a jacket, but they did not take it back cause of the missing price tag. Since that day I ask the stuff at the store to cut off the price tag for me when I buy something. I never again had a problem to get my money back since that day.

  2. I used to work at a clothing store, and there had to be a tag on the piece of clothing for it to be returned (and in some cases, exchanged). And they only got a cash refund if they have a receipt with them too.

  3. it sort of happened to me. I wanted to return a top, but they said i’d have to have the price tag. I just went home and dug through my trashcan to get it out and then return it, lol

    but yea it was surprising to me when i first heard it.. like ooookay ah well. 🙂

  4. That’s common where I’m from. Stores want to make sure you didn’t wear the clothes out before you return it. And they don’t let you return panties and stuff no matter what.

  5. Most of the time I can get away with it. My friend worked at American Eagle and she said people would bring shirts in with stains on them… yet they would still give full refunds O_o I am the QUEEN of returning things… and most stores will let you return as long as you have a receipt and the tags with you…

  6. I’m too lazy to return clothings and most of the time the stuff I get are on sale or final sale (especially for Chinese stores/boutiques). Most receipts has light printing of returns/exchanges. Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republican are owned by the same guy and for 2-weeks if the price changes, you can go back and get the difference. ^_^ For returns, I think the tag has to be on or you may not get full refund. Ack, so much trouble plus I feel guilty of all those hard working children in the third world countries working on the piece of clothing I am returning. v_v

  7. Most stores around here would not allow you to return any clothing without a tag. The ones I do return normally have tags on them.

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