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幸福是什么?其实幸福没有绝对的答案,关键在于你的生活态度。善于抓住幸福的人才懂得什么是幸福。一直以为感受幸福是件很困难的事,那是一种灯火阑珊处的境界。经过岁月的流年以后,才明白,幸福其实很简单,只要心灵有所满足、有所慰藉就是幸福。 幸福就是一种满足感。 健康的活着就是一种莫大的幸福!! 幸福无处不在 只要用心细细体会 你就能感觉到。

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Daily wtf Watson story: Active Directory

A coworker of my husband’s, let’s call him Watson, has some interesting ways of dealing with situations. As a system administrator, he has unique powers. Two days ago my husband received a support ticket regarding a temporary employee unable to log into her machine. My husband updated her password and verified and he could log… Continue reading Daily wtf Watson story: Active Directory