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Child Theme for Twenty Twelve – Casually

Black Cat

Live Preview

Casaully is a child theme for Twenty Twelve. You may download it. It may also be used on if you have custom CSS purchased.

To use this style on with custom css:

  • Activate the Twenty Twelve theme
  • Use the following custom css

Copy everything after:

/* ========================================================================= Causally ========================================================================= */
/* customized by */


Replace all image URLs

Wordpress Theme Link: Casually

7 thoughts on “Child Theme for Twenty Twelve – Casually

  1. Hi, I have your It’s a girl baby theme for my 1 month old. I found that too cute. I wish if i get this theme fully from wordpress theme page thru search. I tried downloading the functions.php , style.css and images , putting in a folder and trying to upload and run a theme (with othe php file taken from cuteframe theme). But it is not working that way. Do you by any chance have the zip file uploaded elsewhere. Would be of great help.

  2. I downloaded the theme, but it gives me an error “Stylesheet is missing”. I tried copy/pasting the stylesheet from above into the twenty twelve css box, but it looks funny. You said change the url of the images, but you don’t say where to paste that in at. Looks like it would be direct linking the images from you? Do you have just one zip file that includes the css already in there so that this is not so frustrating? (Do you still work on Dodo Mail?)

      1. I tried that one yesterday, and in case you fixed it I tried it again a few moments ago. The theme is broken. Would love to see all of your themes on…. I would use them all.

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