Past Domain Designs

The first versioncarpet of bluebells – was dedicated to my then boyfriend Andy Lilleg.The second version – I decided to play around with simple tables.

The third version – was a version for rose lovers.. I scanned a rose picture from a floral shop and edited it with photoshop. There was also an animation in the background..too bad you don’t get to see that in the screenshot.

The fourth version – was created because of Christmas. It was probably my very first unique digital art from photoshop. I combined four Christmas theme photos with four different layers. I also applied the new grid technique I learned online. It was very appealing and refreshing when it came out =)

The fifth versionsplash – I really liked yuki’s pic on my new cd album.. so I scanned it and combined it into layers with a pretty sunset pic.

The sixth version – <no screenshot available> I had it pasted to my graphic software but never bothered to save it since I was just too overwhelmed when I saw andy stepped in lab =PP It was a woman in black and white grids with some unique design. Too bad I can’t show it to you ><

The seventh versionsplash – I don’t really know why I chose this theme “staying as a girl”.. sometimes I felt deep inside of me, I had never truly grown up. I still want to dream, act, ask for attention like a girl. altho from the outside i’m a mature woman..i really am staying as a girl.

The eighth version – along with the new design of this version, I also added a new section dedicated to andy and I called “love story”… I want to set up something romantic. at first, I only had the palm trees and words.. andy suggested to add some people in the picture so I picked out a couple from precious moments and thought they look really cute staying there. the bottom frame of this version is actually embedded in another col frame, since the scrollbar look kind of stupid if it’s not moved in from another 10 pixels or so =)

The ninth versionsplash – This was the first version that was based on a picture of andy and I 🙂 This version didn’t take me too long actually. I was playing around with a sunflower layout with the initial purpose of making a new layout for regretless.. but somehow, after I added our picture in the layout, I found it much more appropriate for pure essence.. so I changed my mind and here came a wonderful piece for my personal domain. I was very excited when it first came out because I never really had put a picture of andy and I in any of my layouts yet.. this one was just cute =) don’t you think so?

The tenth versionsplash – This version was released on 6/5/2001. By then the domain was 8 months old and was already on its tenth version. There were also a lot of changes upon the release of this version. On the entrance page, I wrote “Dear Andy – I want to tell you that I no longer wonder in my dream world because you showed me how reality can be more beautiful than dreams – I love you.” This version features pics of me and andy and it was inspired by the design goddess stacey at :9

The eleventh versionsplash – This was the first version that was created 100% by me. It did not contain any free images found online. I drew this flower with psp airbrush and played with it to get this navigation image. I was very pleased with the result. The flower you saw on the splash was my original drawing (resized by 65%).

The twelveth version – Converting the domain to focus on my journal/blog, I’ve decided to make a table layout. Implementing b2 was great fun esp. meeting the author of this script. I learned lots from b2’s source and also hacked it a bit. This layout was dedicated to purity.

The thirteenth version – This layout was dedicated to world peace after seeing the terrorist attack to wtc on sept 11, 2001. I started the layout with photos taken from cnn of the towers being attacked and the map of the location of the incident. Then I started adding layers of doves on top of the original pictures of wtc. As I started adding more doves, I lowered the opacity of the earlier gruesome picture layers. At the end, you could barely see the original pictures. I think that was my feeling toward the whole situation. I wished peace will overcome the ugliness in this world.

The fourteenth version – This is a simple layout for halloween. I did it out of boredom. I found a clip art at microsoft and used it. Nothing too special.

The fifteenth version – This version was for winter. Altho it hadn’t started snowing, I liked the personal touch to the layout and its sparkling snowflakes. My chinese writing of “pure essence” and “i love you” are featured on the graphic.

The sixteenth version – I started this version knowing that I will probably get moved to a new host. That hasn’t happened yet; it was already time to change layout. I didn’t actually have a chance to take a screenshot of the complete layout. much like the time before. (You thought i’d learn =P) It was supposed to give a dreamy feeling. What do you see in the layout?

The seventeenth version – What a cute xmas puppy! for love, puppy and xmas, I made this version for the xmas of 2001. it was not an ordinary xmas layout. you don’t see green or red in this layout. instead you see shades of grey. it was rather cute and many people loved it.

The eighteenth version – it was called shades of blue. it was made with vectors in photoshop and wonderful brushes I downloaded elsewhere. I found out that many ppl love blue after I put it up.

The nineteenth version – it was dedicated to the valentine’s day of 2002. andy gave me another wonderful day filled with surprises. it was a pink layout without hearts but plenty of emotions.

The twentith version – this one was made mostly with psp vectors and drawing tool. it was a nice layout expect it was a bit too bright. hence it didn’t stay very long.

The twenty-first version – if you love kitten, you would love this version =)

dodospic – a theme features my picture. it is best viewed under IE because of the flash and the javascript.

nite – what happens at nite? a mysterious blue table theme for your imagination.

Celine – just my crappy first time vector art featuring celine dion. if you like black and white, you might like it.

Purple Star – table theme, with dark background created with Unlead 3D and photoshop.

thisway – a template xml & css theme that’s very green.

toni – a template xml & css theme.

tulip – soothing tulip scan made into a xhtml & tableless css theme.

cco – a cute theme featuring cco from xhtml & tableless css.

oriental – this is a design experiment. I didn’t put this theme as a default because the navigation is horrid. I used a scrolling javascript which takes away some of the scrolling control. the design is quite unique.

us – It features an old photo of my boyfriend and I. The layout is written in xhtml with much of the css modified from It is previewed under IE6, Opera 7 & Mozilla 1.4.

foody – This theme is coded in tableless css and is validated xhtml 1.0. It is tested under IE6, Opera 7, Mozilla 1.4 & Netscape 7. Although the layout is optimized for resolution 1024×768, it is viewable on anything that’s bigger than and equal to 800×600.

grass – springy, pixel, table layout. with the background image from

bubbles – a very cute theme features the image found here. You will love it if you love light blue and cuteness. It’s a regular table theme.

pucca2 – a framed theme!! my first YAY!.. it features pucca with lots of PURPLE 🙂

faeries – this is a cute blue theme with pixel faeries as the four main category pictures. if you like pixels, you will like this theme. the pixel faeries are from It’s a regular table theme.

bunny – the cutest bunny will popup on your browser and you may even move her around on your screen freely 😉 It’s a regular table theme.

love – this is the valentines theme for year 2003. it features a kissing couple (doll) and is made with red, pink and gray. written on the theme in bold is “Are you in LOVE?”. It comes with wma format music too. It’s a regular table theme.

green – green uses a dhtml scroller from and it features the green lawn and one dandelion. It’s very clean.

winter – after versions featuring vector art, i’m back with blending layers. This is somewhat a better blending job i’ve done for a while.

girl – my second vector art is made into this theme. it is a xml compliant theme.

soft – lovely pink colored xml compliant theme. the content resizes with different resolution 😉

pucca – it’s the lovely pucca. inspired by sarah and

butterfly – nothing too fancy. just a simple butterfly theme with the color black and white. easy on the eyes. and thank you for the butterfly tube.

Cute Girl – pastel color, very cute and clean. it’s a table theme so it works in all browsers.

Clean – xml-compliant theme, simply, clean, easy on the eye, easy to read, black and white. If you are a person who thinks content is everything like lele, you will definitely like it.

foliage 2 – Inspired by the foliage brush set.

mystique – After about three years of layout hiatus. I finally found some inspiration and time to create a customized mytique theme. Credits go to the Mytique theme (download) and some of the icons from iconspedia.

4 thoughts on “Past Domain Designs

  1. Hello there.

    I just wanted to touch basis with you regarding your green theme with the dhtml scroller. Is there a way that I can directly obtain the code for such a dhtml scroller for my own website? It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a ton. It would be so wonderful if you could get back to me on this. I adore the website! Very nicely set up!

  2. Hi! I was wondering if you gave any permission to any user to use any of your blog layouts but I wanted to point this out (if this is old news then disregard ^^).

    I was checking forums and saw someone posted this URL in there – When I saw the layout I thought it looked very familiar and then it clicked at me that this was your current layout.

    The site is in Russian so I don’t know if even contacting this person to take the layout down and such would do any good but I just wanted to point this out and let you know.

  3. Really like your ‘Daffodil’ 3-column design for WP. Interested in customizing a variation of my own based on its structure, but discovered that apparently my Shadowbox JS plugin doesn’t work when I use Daffodil. I would like my images to be capable of opening upon clicking into a Shadowbox/Lightbox aperture. Do you know if that’s possible with Daffodil at all? Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!

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