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Jackson default conversion behavior (java json library spring uses)

So I complain. I think it could be done better but I didn’t do any research as why this is the default behavior of Jackson so you can educate me the whole reason behind this design. Since Jackson is the json library SpringMVC has picked, I’m using it. By default, Jackson will convert any public… Continue reading Jackson default conversion behavior (java json library spring uses)

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Jackson Ignore Property/Convenience Method

Here’s something I learned about Jackson and you may run into it. What gets serialized by default? Properties of an object are initially determined by process called auto-detection: all member methods and fields are checked to find: “Getter” methods: all no-argument public member methods which return a value, and conform to naming convention of “getXxx”… Continue reading Jackson Ignore Property/Convenience Method

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2011 nfjs Central Iowa Software Symposium

My survey responses to the 2011 nfjs Central Iowa Software Symposium event for my company. Benefits to you and the company from attending this event: Keep up to date regarding the current technologies and development in the Java community. Information that your co-workers / the company should be aware of: Functional programming is making a… Continue reading 2011 nfjs Central Iowa Software Symposium

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SPEL! I conquered you on a Friday!

Today is my first attempt at using SPEL. After a mighty struggle, I was able to conquer it! Background: I needed a year variable for some work on a jsp page. It’s not always defined. I know for our routable datasource, a default year is required in order for it to work. I wanted to… Continue reading SPEL! I conquered you on a Friday!

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Java concurrency – Multiple queue monitors

At work, I’ve implemented a queue monitor batch application. Due to business rule changes, it now needs to monitor two queues. Instead of creating another batch application, I really wanted to stick with the same application but just create two threads, each monitoring its own queue. However, the twist I need is to have the… Continue reading Java concurrency – Multiple queue monitors

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m2eclipse plugin jdk warning

More info – old issue but I ran into it on every freaking machine at home. After I installed the m2eclipse plugin on Eclipse 3.6, I keep getting the following warning on the console: The solution that worked for me is changing the shortcut properties for eclipse e.g. I couldn’t get the eclipse.ini updates to… Continue reading m2eclipse plugin jdk warning

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Eclipse 3.6 Auto Static Import

After I started using JUnit 4, I really want Eclipse to automatically import org.junit.Assert.* statically for me. So when I do ctrl+space on methods like assertTrue, it will do: for me. I’ve figured it out for a while but I’ve been noticing it conflicting with my save action -> organize imports setting. I finally got… Continue reading Eclipse 3.6 Auto Static Import