For Wonderful You

This is my first card received from Andy. The nite before I recieved the card, I was in a very horrible mood and Andy said he will bring me surprise tomorrow. The second when he was there to take the second shift, he didn’t walk in with anything. I was a lil disappointed although I didn’t say anything. But when i opened my car door, this card along with a beautiful red rose sat on theh driver’s seat.

For Wonderful You
Here’s the poem on the card by Emily Matthews:
There are wonderful people
who give from their hearts
in thoughtful and unselfish ways,
so willing to share,
help out, or be there,
no matter how busy their days..

There are people we count on,
who wisdom and caring
help eveyrthing work out just right –
wonderful people
who shine in our lives
with their gentle and beautiful light.

If only you could know the thanks
that fill each thought of you
And the smiles
that warm each memory of the generous things you do.
you’d know you’re treasured
more than words can say.

Then on the next page, this is what Andy wrote:
I wish this rose could compare to the beauty you bring to my life.
You are the Sahiya, a desert blossom, whose beauty is the kind both unique, rare, and greatly conveted by men. With skin as soft as the petals and love as strong as the sweet aroma.
The curse of the Sahiya is you can never see your own beauty when alone and surrounded by arid desert sands.
And the desert is the trainer of faithful, so only a special man comes along in time to find the Sahiya.
When this wondrous union occurs, the Sahiya is cherished by its finder for all eternity, for he knows Sahiya cannot be replaced.

So always remember in your times of lonely thoughts and dischorded feelings, that I have found you.
I am with you.
You are my Sahiya.


After I read that, I started to sob. Andy came out of KFC and stood near my door telling me how he was trying to find the best rose in the store. I told him this IS the best rose. I looked him into the eyes, we both knew how we felt for each other. I truly fell in love with him that moment.

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