Nostalgic Old Layouts

Believe it or not, I used to work on many different websites and make new layouts on a monthly basis. That all died once I actually start doing web programming for a living. Talking about letting your career murder your hobbies.

One project I worked on was a design for the extremely well known css Zen Garden. When css design first took over the traditional table design, the css Zen Garden was definitely the shrine for inspired designers including myself. Unfortunately my design was never accepted. It was not good enough or maybe by the time I submitted, the site was already dying. But I still like to look at it once in a while.

css Zen Garden – version

Below are some extremely old screenshots of my infancy designs. They are here for a laugh and nostalgic purposes.

dnw-newversion1, dnw-newversion2, dnw-newversion3, dnw-newversion4, dnw-newversion5, dnw-newversion6, dnw-v1splash, dnw-v2splash, dnw-v3splash, dnw-v4splash, dnw-v5splash, dnw-v6splash, dnw-v6splash_ani, dsv1, dsv2, fansite1, fansite2, fansite3, fansite4, fansite5, ibv10, lbl-version3, lbl-version3splash, lbl-version5, lbl-version6, lblversion7, lolv2, misclayout1, misclayout2, misclayout3, misclayout4, misclayout5, misclayout6, misclayout7, misclayout8, misclayout9, newmv1, newmv10, newmv11, newmv12, newmv13, newmv7, newmv8, newmv9, nm-version3, nm-version4, nm-version5, nm-version6, osv1, premtv2, rl-gbversion4, rl-gbversion5, rl-gbversion6, rl-gbversion7, rl-layoutversion1, rl-pageversion1, rl-splashversion10, rl-splashversion4, rl-splashversion5, rl-splashversion9, rl-version10, rl-version11a, rl-version11b, rl-version11c, rl-version11d, rl-version12, rl-version13, rl-version2, rl-version3, rl-version4, rl-version5, rl-version6, rl-version7, rl-version8, rl-version9, rsv11, rsv12, uiv1, <a href=";

2 thoughts on “Nostalgic Old Layouts

  1. I remember DNW! I went to that site A LOT when I was first learning how to make a web page. There was so much to do and see, the tutorials really helped me out a lot. My favorite layout was the Rugrats and the DNW version 2–I remember the floating stars in that layout–it was so cool!

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