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Java concurrency – Multiple queue monitors

At work, I’ve implemented a queue monitor batch application. Due to business rule changes, it now needs to monitor two queues. Instead of creating another batch application, I really wanted to stick with the same application but just create two threads, each monitoring its own queue. However, the twist I need is to have the… Continue reading Java concurrency – Multiple queue monitors

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Eclipse 3.6 Auto Static Import

After I started using JUnit 4, I really want Eclipse to automatically import org.junit.Assert.* statically for me. So when I do ctrl+space on methods like assertTrue, it will do: for me. I’ve figured it out for a while but I’ve been noticing it conflicting with my save action -> organize imports setting. I finally got… Continue reading Eclipse 3.6 Auto Static Import

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jQuery UI even though you disappointed me, I still figured you out

So I upgraded to jQuery UI version 1.8.2 at work and thought that I should instead of using the autocomplete plugin which is deprecated, switch over to use the jQuery UI build-in autocomplete widget. jQuery UI autocomplete widget is NOTHING like the original jQuery autocomplete plugin!!! At least by jQuery UI version 1.8.2 it’s not.… Continue reading jQuery UI even though you disappointed me, I still figured you out