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Last I tried, this trick no longer works as of 9/16/2012. Not sure when it stopped working. Click for an example. In your theme widget, add the socialvibe widget to your sidebar. Add the class “thickbox” in any of your links to an image. e.g. To use the gallery feature, use the same rel attribute… Continue reading lightbox/thickbox trick

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upgraded to wordpress 2.3

I’ve upgraded to wordpress 2.3 mainly to use their new sidebar widget feature. I thought it will be overly cool to not have to rewrite the sidebar.php for every theme. However, I’d like to have different sidebars for different views. Like the sidebar for my index page would look different than the sidebar for my… Continue reading upgraded to wordpress 2.3

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disable wordpress smiley for a certain post/page

okie, i thought someone has figured it out by now. but when i asked on the wordpress board, i got no response. so i digged around and figured a hack for it. i noticed sometimes esp. on some pages, the smiley conversion does a poor job and converts the wrong text into smilies. it really… Continue reading disable wordpress smiley for a certain post/page

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threaded comments notification

ok i guess when i wrote up my threaded comments hack, i did not include the feature where the comment author who you are replying to will get notified by email. hrm it’s just an update in your functions.php under wp-includes. here’s my code. you can replace your old wp_notify_postauthor function with it. like always.… Continue reading threaded comments notification

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more for the ultimate comment idea

in addition to the previous post, i wrote a piece of code where you can add above in your wp-comments-post.php to have it delete unapproved comments that’s ___ days old i haven’t thoroughly tested this code. if you have problems, let me know. also here’s a script you can run to get rid of blank… Continue reading more for the ultimate comment idea

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the ultimate comment idea

i really like skippy’s self comment moderation plugin. The basic idea is that if the user supplies a valid email address, and they check that email account, then the commenter is most likely not a spammer. altho not foolproof, i like it better than asking people entering a certain code. plus this way it does… Continue reading the ultimate comment idea