Just a little thing

2000-10-23 by Dodo

yesterday i went to cedar rapids with my parents and andy..andy drove his car. we first went eat in china buffet, the atmosphere was delightful.. we all had a good time. later we parked the car in front lindal mall and decided to go on separate rounts for shopping and will come back at 3:30pm.. after my parents left, andy and i headed for bestbuy.. soon i felt a great pain in my tommy due to my period. and i didn’t happen to have my ibuprofen with me at the time. i usu. carries that everyday with me in school.. but i didn’t feel i would need it when we left home in the morning. the pain came very serverely. we had to walk back to the car coz i said i might feel better if i could sit for a while. while it was raining mildly andy walked me to the car and told me really fast that he would go and come back with some ibuprofen and water… the pain cause me to feel dizzy, i didn’t know when he took off til mins later he came back gasping with the medicine and water in his hands. he handed me everything and asked me to take it quickly.. so i did.. then i looked at him… he was sweating and he was all wet. i knew he ran all the way back and forth… i cried coz i was so touched.. i told him no one ever treated me like this, not even my parents…. i couldn’t put my emotions in words.. coz it’s every lil thing he does for me just came to my mind altogether.. i lay in his arms sobbing til the pain went away… when i lift up my face the next second, he was smiling at me.. i felt so cheerful and was eager to get back into the mall.. fortunately we had enough time to have a good time shopping.. he got a new shirt and a pair of pants and i got a really nice sweater too… when we got to k’s merchandise later… he bought me the pair of 14k pearl pearings i really liked… now i’m just listing what happened but all that was memorable about that day was just another lil thing he did to me…

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