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First time watching the Olympics as a U.S. citizen

Citizenship vs. Nationality Nationality: Membership of a nation in the sense of ethnic group (a group of people who share a common ethnic identity, language, culture, descent, history, and so forth). This meaning of nationality is not defined by political borders or passport ownership. Citizenship: Citizenship is determined by jus soli, jus sanguinis, or naturalization,… Continue reading First time watching the Olympics as a U.S. citizen

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this is ON MY INTERSTATE. i take this road home every day. guess i should take an alternative route today Thursday, May 5, 2005 Semi rollover snarls interstate traffic By Mike McWilliams Iowa City Press-Citizen An overturned semi trailer has snarled traffic on eastbound Interstate 80 near the Interstate 380, Highway 218 interchange Few details… Continue reading OUCH

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current white house hires homosexual?

not just that, he may be a gay prostitute MEEP o.O forward from a friend: To summarize: An ultra-conservative Republican political advisor was granted press credentials in the White House press corps, despite working for a “news organization” that existed for only four days before those credentials were granted, and having been “educated” in a… Continue reading current white house hires homosexual?

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after last night's debate

someone compiled a list of polls after last nite’s debate – kerry dominated. i hope this will last. i can’t wait for the third debate. of course lots to add to bushism calendar.. my favorite as of last nite is “internets.” and watching how bush describes his environmental accomplishment makes me want to wail. what… Continue reading after last night's debate

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talking about hometown pride

DAMN Liu Xiang! You make all Chinese esp. Shanghainese overly proud! The 21-year-old Chinese stormed to the men’s 110m hurdles gold medal before a capacity crowd of 70,000 at the Olympic Stadium in the 28th Olympic Games here on Friday. He clocked a stunning 12.91 seconds to equal the world record set by Britain’s Collin… Continue reading talking about hometown pride

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those who are anti Kerry

i’ve been getting a few comments about how people don’t like Kerry here. none however provided any solid arguments. i used economy as my basis for arguing Bush is incompetent. tho i know most who commented probably can’t vote but it’s funny how so many people are treating this like a beauty contest. you are… Continue reading those who are anti Kerry