Dodo’s Beliefs


I believe so much in true love. Qiong Yao’s books inspired me ever since I am 14. Her books tossed me around in the dream world and reality. I talked to the stars at night and wished someone would come and touch my heart. When that dream came true when I was 16, I was amazed. The sky rongrong and I built for each other is one of the finest love story. Although we ended up in separate ways, I still think it is a forever treasure in my life. I’ve also lost hope in love mainly due to my naive dream toward another man who ended up broken my heart into pieces. However, life is fair.. now my heart is dancing, I feel like singing coz another wonderful spring warms me within. I feel so grateful that Andy is here with me whenever I need him. His love is so strong and beautiful. There is really very little more I can ask. Love is the most wonderful feeling and emotion to have in life. You will not understand how meaningful life can be until you have really loved and dedicated.


My friends are the ones who initially taught me to treasure life. Because the horrible fighting between my parents, I was often left alone and uncared for when I was young. I once wanted to commit suicide because my mom doesn’t love me. She pointed at my nose and asked me to get out of the house in a snowy winter night because she was angry with something else. I forever remember that night when I cried for three consecutive hours in Yang Da Wei’s house. Thank you, Yang Da Wei and Wang Wen. If one day you happen to read this, please let me know how you are doing. I also have many other true friends both offline and online. Becky and Martha are my best friends in school. Even though I no longer see them, I think of them often. My dear god sister Julia who cares about me as much is always my happiness and relief. We have no secrets when we talk. It’s amazing how we only wish the best for each other and support each other no matter what we want to do in life. Online, I have many sincere friends who I believe will continue to support and encourage me the rest of my life. They are the ones who understand me by heart. They share the same beliefs with me in life and they are my soul-mates. I want to thank you john young, ye hang, rongrong for guiding me and loving me. I can only return your kindness by continuously working hard and live happily in my life.


Purity is one of the main values I hold to. I’m not a Christian; I have a self defined religion. I can feel an upper power or force, but I believe in no benevolent soul who watches over the world. I am always faithful to myself. I will not do anything to make myself regret later. I try to be as thoughtful as possible. I fight with my fear, my impulsion, my naive ness, my distractions, and my helplessness to overcome my obstacles. I do not allow the dirty side of the world to influence me. I see no merits in drugs, alcohol or cigarettes. I do not judge anything that I do not understand such as homosexuality, religion, and my parents. I adhere to honesty, faithfulness, responsibility and hard working. I truly love life and many of the values came to me quite naturally. I believe a full life is to feel the most amount of accomplishment possible through one’s own ability. I do that through the values I adhere. And I’m very pleased that my values influence others around me as well.

3 thoughts on “Dodo’s Beliefs

  1. I love your beliefs Dodo. I wish the world had a lot more purity.
    Your sites have always inspired me. (I’m gonna start studying web design soon ^__^)
    I was curious about the books by Qiong Yao though, they sound wonderful. Do you know if there are any english translations available?

  2. Hi Dodo, Im not sure of your real name, but it should be like a princess. You are precious, just like the precious moments you have displayed on I have used your pictures to write my children, family and friends quite a bit. Thank you for using your gifts and talents to help others. I wish I knew how to set up a websited myself. I can only depend on those who already have one to share. I am on myspace, youtube (In a video my kids did for me called: “My Storm With CFS” my kids helped me to make 2 videos, one is a song only and the other, My daughter Jazmin is interviewing me. I am also now on facebook to bring awareness (hopefully) to some of a chronic illness I face. Many go through this illness like mine and too few people understand it. Families turn against those suffering CFS/ME and it terribly sad. Ive lost my job, ability to finish and go to school and the ability to care as Id like to for my children. I have 3 awsome teens. One is about to turn 20 years old. His name is Justin. If you ever go on facebook, look me up. And I want to say one thing to you little one, whoever you are, your mommy doesnt realize what a gift and treasure you are. Forgive her, cause she probably has wounds and scars herself that dont allow her to get past the pain to even see herself much less see you. But you are beautiful and i can tell, just by what you spend your time writing, sharing and doing for others. I dont know if you will ever know how your site has blessed me and those Ive sent ecards too. I love Precious Moments! Lots of blessings and love to you little one, Ana Maria Cornell

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