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Eclipse: stop it from searching certain directories

It’s always annoying when you do a search (ctrl+h) in Eclipse and it produces results from directories you do not care about. In my particular case, the project’s ant build expands the built war files into a directory named target. Since this directory duplicates the files in the regular WebContent directory, often times I end… Continue reading Eclipse: stop it from searching certain directories

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I just finished going through 1111 total posts @

I’m just went through all of my 10 years of posts on one by one to correct its syntax so I can use this super awesome sourcecode shortcode on Yea I know I’m crazily obsessed with my blog. Sentiment from going through all of my posts I’m proud that my oriental wordpress theme… Continue reading I just finished going through 1111 total posts @

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Eclipse 3.6 toggle comment findings

Despite of the usual convention of using ctrl+/, I found ctrl+shift+c is actually the way to go if you want it to work on everything. I care mostly about being able to toggle comment in the following file types: source code – comment with // or /* and */ block markup e.g. xml/html – comment… Continue reading Eclipse 3.6 toggle comment findings

plug is back to wordpress

Now hosted on with the domain mapping upgrade and custom CSS upgrade. Based on the support they provided, I really hope the guys here would know a lot more about wordpress hosting than my last generic web hosting company and I will have less headaches dealing with all of the down time. I’m just… Continue reading is back to wordpress

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Last I tried, this trick no longer works as of 9/16/2012. Not sure when it stopped working. Click for an example. In your theme widget, add the socialvibe widget to your sidebar. Add the class “thickbox” in any of your links to an image. e.g. To use the gallery feature, use the same rel attribute… Continue reading lightbox/thickbox trick

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Spring row mapper

A coworker and I were chatting regarding spring rowMappers and I did a little more research and found the following: Spring’s simpleJdbcTemplate deprecated methods with parameterizedRowMapper in spring 3. The class ParameterizedRowMapper is not deprecated. Spring’s jdbcTemplate however only has methods that take RowMapper<T> so it will continue to work with parameterizedRowMapper. But it seems… Continue reading Spring row mapper

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我知道我这样说最终会让别人误会。我现在的感受好似徐怀钰的那首《爱像一场重感冒》。不但像,要走时我还真生了一场重感冒 。如果说ISL是一场三个月的恋爱真不算夸张。我现在像刚和男友说了分手般心酸。人一生的感情真是微妙。事业和爱情原来可以相提并论。事业上的爱恨情仇也是可以刻骨铭心的。 分了或走了,甜蜜回忆却上心头。英语因该说是bittersweet。我知道雨过天晴后留下会是美好。一番人生体验。学习到了新的技术。交了好些新朋友。 哦,ISL,虽然我们未能一起走到最后。我会常常想念你。像想念我的初恋男友一样。 在这我留给读者在我脑中的歌词。 徐怀钰 《爱像一场重感冒》 词:姚若龙 曲:Eric Lee 写了封信给你 好像依依不舍 刚寄出去马上又后悔了 多希望邮差能把地址看错 或是弄丢了 因为你是真的 和别人不一样 不然我不会那么感伤 但是我已爱到不能爱 让到不能让 还能怎样 不如倔强 倒数三秒 我会开始努力把你忘掉 有时候爱情就像是一场重感冒 等烧退了就好 找一天将心情当房子好好地打扫 我喜欢每次丢掉多馀的东西 那种轻松美好