A Heartfelt Poem

This poem or self made card was given to me when one night I had a lil doubt about his purity. But really there wasn’t much problem besides I just had a lil difficulty adjusting myself to see the true him again.

A Heartfelt Poem

Here’s the poem he wrote:
Please don’t forget
I’m still the man whose heart
Belongs to you.
Please don’t forget that
I will always help with
Whatever you’r going through.
I feel terrible that
You are suffering these
Feelings of dismay,
The though has caused me endless strife all
Throught out the day.
But no matter what it was
I told you that
I have done before,
I am still the honest,
Caring man who you have adored.
There former experiences
Can never change the
Roots of who I am,
Pure in body,
Pure in heart,
I am your loving man.
Please do not forget.

Love, Andy

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