The Meanings of Colors

Red: lust, passion, fire, love, charity, and severity.

Orange: pride, ambition, egoism, luxery, ferocity, and splendor.

Yellow: sun, light, intellect, generosity, and beauty.

Gold: Spiritual illumination and glory.

Green: life, energy, abundance, posperity, youthfulness, earth, sensation, and victory.

Blue: inspiration, devotion, truth, and mercy.

Indigo: wisdom, psychic faculties, and intuition.

Purple: royalty, power, pride, justice, and truth.

Violet: religious devotion, knowledge, sorrow, temperance, grief, old age, and foundation.

White: purity, holiness, redemption, sacredness, ecstasy, innocence, joy, light, and life.

Black: Death, destruction, negativity, materialism, and ignorance.

Brown: spiritual death, degradation, and earth.

Gray: death of old and birth of the new, and wisdom

Silver: Moon, magic, goddess, psychic nature, emotions, and intuition.

Pink: love, and the heart center

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