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Java concurrency – Multiple queue monitors

At work, I’ve implemented a queue monitor batch application. Due to business rule changes, it now needs to monitor two queues. Instead of creating another batch application, I really wanted to stick with the same application but just create two threads, each monitoring its own queue. However, the twist I need is to have the… Continue reading Java concurrency – Multiple queue monitors

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Dynamically invoke methods using spring config

A business rule at work requires some flexible configurations. I attempted to fulfill the need by create different spring batch steps/tasklets to execute each requirement based on a property value. For example, step 1 will need to execute methodOne on the class Repository with the appropriate parameters. The method signature & parameters are determined by… Continue reading Dynamically invoke methods using spring config

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Java instaniate an abstract class… sort of…

At work I had to create some test data for a junit test. The function I’m testing expects a super abstract class to be passed in and I need to test the same function for bunch of child classes. I wish I could just pass in the parent class but since it’s abstract I cannot… Continue reading Java instaniate an abstract class… sort of…