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writing an ajax app for Sequence

Yesterday I attended Ted Neward‘s game design session at nofluff. It inspired me to begin to implement the game sequence in an ajax app. It will be a private app since I only plan to play it with some friends. But it will be hosted somewhere on my website so it can be accessed from… Continue reading writing an ajax app for Sequence


Just getting my feet wet in Open Laszlo

here’s my shoutBox written in openLaszlo frontend and PHP backend. Try closing the shoutBox, it is animated 🙂 Click here for the example So the idea of writing this simple application is just to get my feet wet in Open Laszlo. As we are moving to web 2.0, writing RIAs will be the future for… Continue reading Just getting my feet wet in Open Laszlo

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Simple PHP URL rewrite

One thing I did for dmb is making work with my profile.php script. Normally without the help of .htaccess, you can use the value of the path info from the global variable For example, create a php file named profile.php and in there put: Then upload the file and load it with yourServerPath/profile.php/dodo. The… Continue reading Simple PHP URL rewrite