i woke up around 11 this morning and felt quite tired altho i was not supposed to.. after i got up the internet and checked my email.. i found my boss finally replied my inquery i sent him last friday about when do i have to work.. it turned out to be in 30 mins.. partially freaking out, i was trying to get as much finished before i went.. i was happy i didn’t miss the 11:15 bus.. the bus was basically right in front of me as soon as i closed the door of my house. so i went.. not long i got off the bus, my cramp was nearly unbearable.. in the hurry, i forgot to take any ibuprofen for my period. i was about to cry. after i got to the lab, i told my boss and left for downtown to find myself some ibuprofen. it was a tough trip. i felt like fainting couple times. the pain was very severe. finally i got the pill and took it with some food at tocobell.. i came back, work was smooth.

then i started my business online. veronica made me another button for dnw.. i felt so guilty that i never had time to help her with the frame code she needed.. so i went ahead and did that..

later i was surfing my board and trying to fix some bugs..

i was glad to hear about daynah’s two year anniversary and her great trip at the aquarium.. it really made me happy =) now i can’t wait for andy and i’s first year anniversary which is coming up soon on Sept. 9th.. get your gifts ready! j/k πŸ˜‰

One thought on “monday

  1. Aww.. thanks sis. I’m sure Andy will do something really special for you. πŸ™‚ I was so surprised when Al walked in this morning with flowers in his hands… ohmygosh.. *smile* I was speechless! I have many more pix at the aquarium… ahh i love ocean life! πŸ™‚ I need to resize them tho.. they’re huge hehe

    Sis, I hope you’re feeling better now… I hate it when that time of the month comes… = it just ruins my day.. argh..

    =) Hope everything is going well.. ttyl!

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