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andy’s first day at school

today’s andy’s first day back to school. i’m so excited for him. he gave me a ride to work before he went to school. we have breakfast together.

i was so suprised to get his email for so long.. i guess from now on, i get to get lots from him yeah!!

here’s his email:

Well, APC went well today. I like the teacher, he is to the point and humorous. Psychology is coming up in an hour. I really felt nervous when i got into the classroom. First time since 1998. When the teacher started to go along i just religiously took notes on everything since I had forgotten so much about math, but after a while I felt very confident in my ability to recapture these elements he wishes me to utilizefor his class. The parking was super bogart, I was lucky to find a great spot eventually. I find now that getting here early can certainly help the parking situation. I had not anticipated so many people would be clogging up the lots. As I walk around I see many familiar faces from high school. None of them seem to recognize me or care. I don’t really care either. It is just my nature to never forget faces and names. Cannot find much to do to spend an hour here, forgot my book *_* doh! I was sitting in the front row in my math class and just about sneezed the stack of syllabus papers onto the floor. God I hate allergies. There are so many smokies hanging outside the doors. Every step outdoors is a secondhand nicotine fit waiting to happen. I will have to develop a non-breathing technique to protect myself. So odd here also is to see a collage of old and young in these classrooms. Some people 50 and older in the same class as me. Strange. I need to remember to bring a water bottle with me too. I don’t want to hunt down drinking fountains all day. I guess you can have drinks in this computer lab. A guy behind me just opened up a mountain dew and drank right in front of the lab monitor. What a bogart. If you can’t tell I miss you and am bored waiting for my next class. Just sent you a little surprise. Will probably show up before this email does. Oh poopoo. I’m gonna go now. I love you.

and his e-card!

my reply

how sweet!! i love your email.. it’s so fun and in detail hehehe… counting.. how long haven’t i gotten an email from you? woo hoo.. now i get to get so many of them yeah!! i’m so happy. i went to the place where they sell bus pass, they told me “if you are a student, the price for the pass is $88 today but on Monday it will go down to $68.” how strange.. but i guess it was an easy choice. i said i will come back on monday then. when i went to burge to get my meal plan, i found out they raised the price!!! they changed all the plans.. the only one suits my need is the $100 for 20 meals (regardless of time).. but then i have to go back every time after i finished 20 and purchase more.. how annoying!

i’ve surfing the official site of my favorite author. since i emailed the web master on qiong yao house yesterday, they told me about it. it’s really not as good as qiong yao house except it does have some news that’s written by qiong yao (almost diary like) to tell us about how all her soap operas are being developed.. and how every of her actor and actress are doing and stuff.. some of them are amusing.. but it gets kind boring after a while..

i found songs from her old movie back in 60s on qy house site. i’m pretty happy i get to listen to them.. coz i’ve been reading them (the lyrics) and never had a chance to listen to the song.. arr.. i guess your class is already started? i must not have gotten your email on time..



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