this ryan guy

i was pretty pissed off this morning after reading this. This ryan has been telling people that he’s dnw staff (which is not true) and a member on my board to get people’s trust while harassing them. grrr… talking about annoying.

i finally put him on probation period before he’s banned from my board.. i feel sorry for those who helped him.. sigh.. he’s just such a selfish and mean person 😦

5 thoughts on “this ryan guy

  1. He says he’s 12, he sure doesn’t act like it. My sister is 10.. and she would never behave like this… I just really dislike liars… I can’t believe he created two accounts, ryan and ryan12, uses both of them… and then tell us that’s not him, but a friend… argh…. same ip? Who in the world share email addresses? grr… I see a handful of lies… and that really annoys me.. I like honesty and honest people…

  2. Take a deep breath, exhale slowly… You have an awesome site and awesome board. Don’t worry about problem people. Besides, I hear he wants to join the Roxydoll Board now. That’s just what we need.

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