last nite i started working on the email script.. i got a good start.. the code somehow worked due to reason unknown to me LOL.. i will keep working on it since i had to quit last nite to watch discovery channel.

andy installed my cd burner!! now i can use to back up all my stuff, esp. digital cam pics 😉 know anywhere i can get cheap rewritable disks? my friend told me he got 100 for $20 online somewhere.. gotta ask him again.

i just got this in my email:

From: “Michael Hopcroft” hugopigATinternetcds.com
To: dodoATregretless.com
Subject: Money for FlAVA
Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2001 19:39:12 -0700


This is Michael Hopcroft. I am going to be sending you some money this week to go towards the FLAVA board expense setup you’ll be undergoing.
I was wondering if you accept payments via Paypal (an online money transfer service I use to pay for fansub requests quite frequently) or whether I need to mail you a check or money order.

Michael Hopcroft

WHAT IS THIS ABOUT? how come i have no idea??!! or is it spam of some sorta that i dont know of.. haven’t you gotten stuff like this?

the school lunch was so terrible today.. fortunately i will get off early to go shopping with my dad yeah =) i will try to pick up “American Pie I” from the library today to show andy. he finally agreed to watch it LOL

our anniversary is coming up this sunday.. he’s constantly mumbling about it.. he wouldn’t have any idea about the page i did for him til that day.. would that be great =)

i will go check see if more ppl have signed the page… so head off now.

2 thoughts on “today?

  1. heh… ohmygosh.. I think i bought about over 1000 cdrs already.. haha… Al just bought some for $7 for 50… I usually get it at CompUSA (I dunno if there is one in your area). They’re about $10 for 50 or so.. =) Al finally moved into his apt last nite sis! Wow… a whole place for us.. hehe.. it’s kinda empty… we need furniture lol I’ll chat with u later! There’s no internet at the apt yet!! ahhh

  2. You have to watch the ads. Like Daynah said, CompUSA has good deals. Jeff bought 50 for $5 but next week the price was up to $15 for the same product.

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