wrote my own guestbook

i’m so exhausted.. my back really hurts.. maybe coz i’ve been sitting in front of a computer for the past 6 hours straight.. arrr.. i finally finished my guestbook. thanks to daynah who lent me her guestbook code. but since i thought it might take me longer to figure her algorithm than just do it on my own, i wrote most of the guestbook myself. now it’s done. it looks so empty. will you be nice and sign it? This book so far is not for public release.. since it does not have an admin page.. i might work on it more so i can get it released some day maybe =PP

oh well.. btw, daynah, if you are reading this: i used your code as a basic outline. but i did things differently. i added:

1. number of page numbers show on one page

2. private message

3. view ip

4. a new variable in front of the table name – which allows multiple tables in one database

anyway.. that algorithm for the number of page numbers show on one page took me forever to figure out altho i’ve already done similar things in my simple gallery script.. i felt so dumb that i just couldn’t get it to work… oh well.. it’s all over now.. i’m heading home =)

One thought on “wrote my own guestbook

  1. hehe.. my view page is buggy.. sometimes it shows 4 numbers.. sometimes 5… weird.. 🙂 I just use myphpadmin to view the entries and stuff.. heh.. maybe i should make an admin page… but i’m too lazy now =)

    anyhow, hope you like my cell phone message.. hahaha =) Nite sis… I’ll take pictures for u tomorrow! Have a nice day, talk to u on monday. 🙂

    Love ya,

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