calling daynah

last nite i finally talked to daynah on the phone for the first time… wow how sweet.. actually she surprised with her voice. when she picked up the phone i thought it was al’s younger sister or something.. sound like a 9 y-o LOL we talked for an hour? we talked a lot.. i know andy really surprised her with his deep voice.. yup, that’s andy’s real voice, believe or not..

my mom decided to keep up the war with us. last nite she sticked a note on our door to ask us move out. this morning with a more detailed one telling us to move out by new year… haha good, now we have evidence, she can’t ask us to go any sooner.. and we certainly gonna use this time to formulate good plans against her.

anyway i suppose to call my dad today since i wont have rides from bus due to the homecoming here.. see catch me up later =)

2 thoughts on “calling daynah

  1. hey… I don’t sound like a 9 year old… well.. maybe on the phone hehe… You sound pretty young yourself. 🙂 I’m glad we finally talked… it was fun!

    Talk to you later, you foozeball maniac! hehe

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