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just like i expected, another trying to get too much free work:


From: “Joanna Johnson”


Subject: Re: done

Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001 17:13:28 -0700


You can guarantee I will purchase from you. However, it is a big amount of money coming from my wallet, and I will pay as much as you think you deserve. But I want the design to be absolutely perfect. The particular design you are making for me looks very nice, but not exactly how I have envisioned. I am sorry I did not tell you until after you created it. I hope you understand that I will be very picky about different things. I am serious about this entire project and I know you are too..

The design you created for me is how I was hoping, but over the course of the last few hours, I have surfed other sites and found some other designs and ideas that I like. If we could start from scratch with the design, I would very grateful.

Please reply and tell me what you think.



my reply


I’m sorry to tell you that I’ve had very bad experience from previous projects. I could never satisfy my client because they constantly change on me. I did all those work without even earning a penny. I did four layouts for them, nothing seems to fit, until i figured i’m the stupid one who’s doing free work for nothing. So I will not do any more designs for you from scratch unless you will pay for the work I start with which means I will start working on a new project when I receive half of what you promised to pay for the entire project.

So if you want to forget about the last project, it IS possible for us to start a new project. But not the same way I did the last time.

We will follow these steps

First tell me what you want

– i need to know the exact color, font for the title

– photographs on the design (better if you provide, if not, i need a detailed description of what the photograph will be like)

– examples of other graphics

– background color

– how big should the title image be

I will think about the requirements and tell you whether I can handle it and give you a price, I think it should be around $40 like before.

Then we can start the project and that means NO MORE change on main theme of the design and I will need to receive the first half of payment to get started.

I will do minor modifications to fit your need for the final design. You can pay me the other half before the final design is sent to you.

That’s all. Other than that, I don’t think I want to take the job.

what else, take a look at this!

3 thoughts on “design job

  1. Wow, that image stealing, even though its a good cause, really sucks. Sorry to hear about that. I dunno what you can do other than email them. Its not right.


  2. reminds me of an work I did for my boss’s publishing company. I settled with him that he would pay me, and not the final client. Once the design was done, after the client showed us the kind of design he wanted, I got myself paid, and the client came back asking “hey I saw that site over there, now I want to site to look like that” and the site is in Flash, made by a team, not a single person, and of course when asked to pay more they refused. Some people want everything for nothing…
    By the way you should make the comment box larger 🙂
    2nd By the way there was a bug in the first v0.5.1 release, so if you downloaded it, either re-download it or check and paste that code instead of the code in b2archives.php

    tata, I’m gone to bed, night !

  3. This is why you should require a down payment first =) Some people are just really inconsiderate of the designer’s hard work.

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