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i was soly impressed by myself. i jogged almost 30 minutes straight for 3 miles. i paced myself well. i didn’t feel that tired after i’m done. it’s a great feeling. i did 60 setups afterwards and that ended my first exercising nite. we will do this very friday now.. i’m looking forward to it.

asian abuse is only a week old. the words have already been spread around all over the place. it’s the sad truth. since i’m still involved in the horrible situation. i tend to force myself not to think about it too much. i thought i took a step forward from what was holding me back. now i feel comfortable talking about it. i will probably let up the ugliest moments of my life out. i intend to join the blog.

i hope we can do more than just vent. perhaps to form an organization to save more victims.. sigh…

3 thoughts on “jogging

  1. thaz good that ur jogging! i started jogging last year. i remember thinking that a mile or 2 miles a day wuz amazing.. now i think that thaz so short! now i do 3 1/2 miles a day. its real good exercise n keeps me nice n tone n in shape. 😉 n that asian abuse thing iz sad..grrrr! iight i g2boUnce – nice work dodo! pZz*

  2. I read what you posted on the aa log, dodo. I had no idea that you went through that, but I’d like to think that since I wasn’t aware of it, you became a stronger person because you endured through that sort of thing. just wanted to say a lot of what you’re doing is good for you (the letting it out and jogging too), and hope you’re doing well.

  3. thanks kim, that’s very sweet of you. i tend not to let the dark side of my life bother me online since that’s the only place i can escape from reality =)

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