school n work


i’m so proud of myself. today is the first day i ever finished my cs project at home, not at the unix lab. why am i so proud? i really don’t know. maybe coz it’s the first.. and i have to telnet to the server to compile my program. it actually isn’t a tough project. i finished in four hours. i will have more time to work on DMB zine now. katherine sent me the photo theme for the board. it looks nice. but i can’t get it up til tomorrow. stay tune. now i need to go to bed =)

2 thoughts on “yay

  1. wow, that whole project thing sounds complicated.. ah, don’t u just love the relieved feeling of finishing something big-like a project. 😀

  2. Ahh, I remember those projects! I use to work on them at home at first… cuz the first two classes were easy… but then after… I just needed a place where i won’t goof off and chat LOL So… lab i went.. =)

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