daynah’s birthday

i made an avi movie for daynah as a little surprise =) she’s surrounded by love. wow.. she’s got so many gifts yesterday already =)
last nite andy and i searched for advertisement and coupons preparing for today’s shopping. there are indeed good deals. it’s nice now at the apartment we get “market place” and “community news” every week. there are always coupons inside.
i started working on the zine last nite for a little while but after all the gift making excitement, it was too late for me to continue. i set the alarm at the wrong time causing andy to go to class late this morning. oops =P i should have known his first class starts at 8am, shouldn’t i?
i need to register for next semester class tomorrow. what should i take? hmm i want to take more computer science class. COBOL sounds like a good business language.
i will have to go look.

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