day’s over

yesterday was more exciting than i expected. not long after i got to work, i got a phone call from andy telling me his car died on him. poor andy >< that's a lot of money for him. he's still trying to save enough to pay for his tuition for next semester. sigh.. i guess i will be buying the grocery tonite.
oh i still haven’t had much chance to get pictures of my gifts. i tried to get some shots of them on my cam. but it was too bright in the room. since both of the hellokitty gifts are white, they reflect too much light. you can bearly see them in the cam. and that’s not all. while i was exicting getting cam pictures with those two gifts in my hand, i spilled my soda and it splashed onto the bed. and guess what? i didn’t have enough time to clean it up coz i had to catch the bus for my work today. grrr.. what a wonderful morning! now i’m here at the lab and no one’s here! oh well, free money i guess. i was addicted to my book earlier. i think i will go read it. btw, it’s a chinese book.

This girl is absolutely amazing. She composed this song at the age of 8. I’m in love with it now. I showed andy. He’s inspired and started composing on his guitar.. hmmm….

i’ve got christmas card from snail mails from daynah, vera and bobbi so far. Thank you you guys!!! Sweet hugs!!!!

check out my new pictures =)

5 thoughts on “day’s over

  1. aww poor you dodo. I hate it w hen it’s like one bad thing after another, oh well.. =) hope things get better.

    And, hmmm? try playing around with the sittings of your webcam so the white doesn’t reflect too much

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