9 thoughts on “plug

  1. dodo! you amaze me! to my surpirse.. it was green!!!! i love it i wooove it! honestly dodo, you are amazing in the digital pixel world! [big applause goes here]

  2. WoW – that looks great dodo!! ooh nice graphics too, and i luv the fading of the drop down menu’s..great job! i luv it! ;D

  3. Hey sis!! Beautiful site! I KNEW you were gonna make one soon.. you always do when I’m away… hahah… but gotcha! You’re the first site I’ve visited in a few days! ^_^ I haven’t been on the net for a while.. and I’ll be back sunday evening. =) But gosh, I must show you the pictures I took! hehehehe… Miss ya sis!! 🙂


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