my trip

two more hours til my next class so i thought this might be a good time to write about my trip. first of all, i want to thank those who left comments about the blog i wrote about my mom. thank you for your understanding and care. just a side note, i’m fine. and i’ve of course expressed to both of my parents many times how i felt. it didn’t work out but now i’m living my life happily without having to worry about that constantly.

after 41 hours of bus ride, we finally arrived at fort lauderdale, fl. on 10:30am the 14th. the car rental place was quite a few miles from the bus terminal. my dad and i attempted to walk to the place (well more like he insisted) i finally convinced him that under that kinda heat, we couldn’t. called a cab. the driver was a foreigner who didn’t speak too much english. truthfully i don’t ride cabs but i do know how they should function. plus the price was written on the sticker on the window. it says “$1.25 for the first mile and 25c for every 1/8 mile or 1 minute of waiting time”. it didn’t even take 5 minutes for the cab to get us to the car rental place. and the driver told us it’s $10. if that’s not rip off, i don’t know what is. andy did the calculation for him and pointed at the number on the sticker. it said to call that number if there was problem with pricing. the driver was either stupid or had too much pride. he insisted he wanted $10 or we didn’t have to pay him. andy handed him a five dollar bill at the window, he just drove off. HAHAHHA. i don’t know about you, but i thought it was pretty funny how we ended up with a free cab ride. the rental car had $172 insurance, my dad had to complain and whine about paying that. we got a mitsubishi lancer which we later found out to be THE rental car type seeing everywhere.

finding our welcome center made us realize what kind of deal we got ourselves into. the reason this trip was so cheap was because we had to go thru two timeshare presentations later. none of us understood why they asked us to pick up our car at fort lauderdale and had us lived in west plam beach. they are two completely different cities! palm beach was full of rich people with BMW, Mercedes, Lexus and thought they owned the road. they drove like maniacs. we were asked to go to a presentation the second day which came with free breakfast.

if you never went to a timeshare presentation, you are LUCKY! if you want to know what timeshare is, check this. those people are nazis. they don’t care to insult you to get you to buy their timeshare. it’s so disgusting! the first retailer was the worest. she thought she was teaching us a “love lesson” or something. she tried to make a point saying vacation is the key to a love relationship. if you don’t vacation often, your relationship is destinated to end. omg, i couldn’t believe all her bs. and guess what? she vacationed all her life and she never got married!! how ironic!! she had make the final comment of “how unromantic” andy is and even said to me “so you don’t really want a romantic man huh”. what a b*tch! the second presentation we had at orlando (which got us three free tickets to island of advanture) was a little better. but they all do the same thing. they try to nock down the price as much as possible to get you to buy. it’s unbelievable. it started from $18,000 all the way down to $4900. unfortunately they still couldn’t get us to spend a penny. altho both of us agree timeshare is a good idea if we will vacation a lot in the future and that orlando is a good place to buy, neither of us can afford to do it now. it’s just not the time in our lives to invest.

the tickets only get us into one of the two theme parks for two days. if we knew more ppl, we could exchange tickets with other ppl the second day but it was hard. since we wanted rides, we went for island of adventures for two days. the most impressive rides is definitely the spider man. it was SO REAL. i felt like the characters were grabbing my face and throwing fire and ice at me. if you ever go there, that’s a must. other attractions are great too. Dudley Do-Right’s Pip Saw Falls scared me the most. the fall was so steep. i’m scared of fall, i couldn’t open my eyes =( the hulk was very scary too. that was my first ride, i never wanted to go again. the ones scared andy the most was the dueling dragons. we tried them both. the second time andy said he could actually imagine himself truthfully flying with a dragon =P the river adventure at the jurassic park was fine too. we went twice. Popeyes’ Bilge-Rat Barges got us SOATED. we were both wet head to toe. if you ever want to try, be prepared.

of course the adventure land is the major part of our vacation. we also went couple pretty nice resturants. good seafood buffet for only $10.99. check “Oriental Seafood Buffet” at orlando on hwy 192. that was the best deal we found. there was a place called “crab pot” at west palm beach was also very good. the first time we were there, it was early, sea gulls surrounded us at the resturant. they eat anything LOL.

alright, i think i’ve babbled enough this time, i will try to get the photos out soon and babble more =)

6 thoughts on “my trip

  1. wow dodo! sounds like you had an awesome time. I wish I could go to universal studios sometime. It sounds like those timeshare people were really rude! Hope you had an awesome time!

  2. interesting trip dodo! And oh god, with the timeshare people. x_x

    but ahh well, at least you got away from work and stuff for awhile right?

    that’s the importaint thing 🙂 the time off… hahaha =p

  3. I been to Florida b4 too when they were giving away free ticket to one of the attraction but you have to be married and they give you free breakfast too..I think it’s one of those ppl that were selling timeshares…LOL. We been to one just to get the ticket & free I know how you feel…hehe. I think they show us around the place, it was nice..but not for that money…lol. I’m glad that you had fun and living your life the way you want to, and parents will be parents…*sigh*.

  4. If you hate timeshares don’t sign up at the mall for a chance to win a free car or a trip to Hawaii…that’s all time-shared.

    Glad you had fun, sis!

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