yuko’s music touches me

for the past hour, i’ve been listening to yuko’s music. they touch me very deeply. it’s like reading her life story and sharing her feelings about the world with her thru her music. and she’s so young (only 14 now and started composing since 8) and her music is so pure. her music intoxicates me. for many times i feel like crying. i dont know why. i really want to buy her cds. i probably will…

4 thoughts on “yuko’s music touches me

  1. awww…. i know her music is very nice. Yet i envy her all the same, since i play the piano too (hardly), and i doubt i’m ever gonna start compossing.. hehe, but it’s good that something like music can do that to a persion 🙂

    Hope you can get her cds soon =)

  2. ooh..
    they are so warmhearted. i espiecally like Christmas Song for Jesus..If you get her CD tell me what it is like..

  3. Oh wow~ I’m really interested. I haven’t heard any yet, since I had no time today. ^^; But I will tomorrow, definitely. From what you said, it MUST BE GOOD! =D

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