school n work

CO test

i just finished my computer organization and hardware test. it was as easy as it sounded. all the problems were expected. but i’m still scared coz easy tests are usu. the ones i do bad on. i can ALWAYS ALWAYS come up with some stupid mistakes out of nowhere to bring down my score. i finished the test in half an hour and i spent the rest of the time checking and checking until i memorized all the problems and answers. sigh… that still doesn’t mean i will NOT make stupid mistake coz i always do grrr. oh well, at least i tried my best.

andy drank A LOT last nite. eek, i didn’t like that >< but i guess i could tolerate that since it’s his birthday. he’s got another three bottles sitting in the fridge. i will get on him if he doesn’t stop.

i wrote him a poem for his birthday:

I hope you see the thank in my heart
It’s the most inner part

The love we own
Leaves its print in stone

The decision you make
Leads to the pride you take

It’s original, translucent
Could also be sharp and nonideal

Honey, you are 21 today
Look back
To celebrate
Look ahead
To be prepared

Life matures you
Love guides you

Balance your path
As the clock tick tick

It sorta summed up what was going on in the past few days. Well i guess he liked it since he kissed me after reading it.

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