i made something very yummy last nite. andy and i enjoyed it a lot. it’s something i came up with, here’s the recipe
– 2-3 spicy sauages
– two red peppers
– two zucchini
– a can of bean sprouts
– special tender roast chicken breast from kfc (lol you can skip this one)

slice everything up except for bean sprouts of course. fry with high heat with some seasoning and salt for 5 minutes. put the lid on and keep it warm for maybe 15 minutes.

boil some spagetti noodle at the side.

when done, put the stir fry on top of the noodle and add some alfredo sauce. yumm =)

6 thoughts on “yumm

  1. awww what cute pictures! hehe who’s pets are those? hehe..

    and oOoO… ai!… i’m sick.. i can’t eat… those spicy sauages, and stuff.. *SNIFF* :(t

  2. I was being paranoid… it tried to execute something from my temp dir… I don’t really trust anything that does that. heh.. i shouldn’t say it’s a virus.. but it is a bad security hole…

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