YAY!!! animation for oekaki now!!

jumps up and down!!! ranmaguy and marcello worked so hard on the new version of oekaki. i was patiently waiting last nite until 1:30am.. and finally fell asleep. i woke up at 9 and decided to check it out. sure enough, the new version is up. i upgraded it and it worked smoothly. so please go DRAW NOW and if you need animation access, please u2u me at the board with a list of your previous drawings and i will take a look how dedicated you are to the oekaki board and decide to give it to you or not. *btw* i already granded rights to bunnywunny, mimi, topaz, bobbi, gardenia .. hehe coz they are too cool. thanks ranmaguy again for your wonderful work. love it!! *sleep well* =)

5 thoughts on “YAY!!! animation for oekaki now!!

  1. one thing i notice though the pch files are lot bigger in the OP than the regular it’s wise to choose who you enable it to.

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