Ice Age

WOOHOO, so many movie recommendations. i doubt i can see them all but i will try. Andy and I did go see Ice Age last nite. yes it’s very great. i see some parallels it has with Shrek. So naturally i compared it with Shrek. The beginning was definitely parallel to Shrek. Manfred vs. Shrek, Sid vs. donkey. I didn’t really like that part since it wasn’t totally original. Of course as the story goes on, I started to see more uniqueness in it.

The story line is more complicated, emotional than Shrek. Shrek is centered around one main story while Ice Age has stories within stories. I esp. enjoyed the part where they saw all the prints in the cave and the “revolution” of sloth. LOL. the part about Manfred’s past really boosted up your reverence for him immediately. That was great. The meaning of the story was very well put. Altho i never figured out why Manfred decided to walk north by himself and how he would end up =P

I don’t think i laughed as much in Ice Age compare to in Shrek. Again i think it’s part of the originality problem. i was more expected to those kinds of humor esp. after watching shrek but some of them are exceptionally good. such as the DODO BIRD part (dodo rules!) LOL i love that part. when Sid finally decide to run with the last melon (parallel to football’s touch down) passing all the dodo birds, andy couldn’t stop laughing. Of course Sid is always a goofball. I also liked that part when Diego tried to play peek poo with the baby the first time. if you remember… how would it be like to play peek poo with a tiger LOL..

i got a lovely email last nite:
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 22:10:22 -0600
Organization: webJones
Subject: excellent scripts


i’ve downloaded two of your scripts – simple gallery and no margin image – to implement on my site. wanted to send you a note thanking you for making those available. it’s hard to find bits of code that are simple and focused enough to work into one’s own style of coding.

please take a look at how i’ve used simple gallery at
– click on the first square image (backpack). i’ll be using no margin image in the section featuring my paintings (last square image) a little later.

i enjoyed browsing your site, and look forward to visiting often.


ps … tell andy i said he’s a lucky dude.

It makes me feel nice to get such emails. Thank you craig!

I also worked a little on the softlead project, I redid the flash and make it into an introduction. It suppose to break to a page after one loop. i haven’t done that yet, shouldn’t be hard. but you can take a look here.

OMG, bobbi drew something awesome at my oekaki!!!

5 thoughts on “Ice Age

  1. Bobbis Drawing: wow wow wow wow Beyond me how people can draw that excellent. WOW.
    Yay, more Dodo Fans! 🙂 Your scripts are really amazing Dodo! Actually I learned everything I know from you and from Lauryns Board. So thank you thank you thank you thank you. 😀
    Because of the dolls click here I tested the URL, it should work. Have fun! She has masses of doll parts, and naked doll that you can dresss yourself. 😉

  2. awww… what a great drwaing! hehe, and good to know you liked the movie! =)

    and bout the speed test, here are the sites i always test at

    hehe.. hey dodo, hope you get this, but here are the url of those sites where you can test your speed… / / / and

    enjoy dodo! =).. hehe everyplace is somewhere diffrent, so your results wont’ always be exactly the same.. hehe have fun! 😉

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