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today’s work . . . Whew!!

Well I made dodo happy!! Cleaned and fixed my car, cleaned the shoes that needed cleaning, did the dishes, cleaned out the trash. Good lord!! Am I becoming responsible!?? Now I’ll have to go to KFC soon and sell chicken, and make sure that employees don’t act like idiots, and make sure we don’t run out of food, and make sure that cleaning gets done, and make sure that professional attitudes are maintained (including myself), and most of all death to the CHICKEN!!!! I want to eat some . . . MMMMM. Original Recipe is my favorite! 11 Herbs and Spices! Good grief! BTW got a 100% on my Calculus exam plus 10 pts of extra credit! Go Colonel! What else? Listened to David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails (NIN) really loud on the stereo too! Now I have to go . . . HELLLLPPP!

8 thoughts on “today’s work . . . Whew!!

  1. Oh wow, just reading all the things you’ve done/are going to do is enough make me feel lazy in comparison as well as stressed!PS. Congrats on the test result

  2. Oh dear. I think your more random then me today ^^;;;. And… chicken… the only animal you eat before it’s alive and after it’s dead (i think that’s how it goes. Oh woe is me). Have a nice day!

  3. Michel, that was rather random.

    I cannot eat KFC Original recipe anymore. It’s too soft and fatty. If I go to KFC, I would just eat the side orders. Popeyes makes better chicken 🙂

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