what’s up with celebrities?

i was reading ranmaguy‘s post about britney spears, i thought about something else about celebrities. what are they really? i never really admire someone who i only see on tv or hear on radio so much that i’d cry if they dont sign my autographs or whatever. i guess i just don’t understand that kind of bond. sure, maybe his/her performance is great, his/her lyric touches you, his/her music fits your need, his/her appearance attracts you, his/her acting moves you, but do people realize it’s still THEIR job to do that? how can people love them to such an extend just because of their job performance not the person as a whole? esp. this person does not even directly affect your life.

call me full of myself or whatever.. i can never bring myself to have such a love for anyone who’s that faraway from me. i DO NOT understand how people can either. is it because of a trend, or peer pressure or what? arrg.. oh well, i guess it doesn’t really matter. that’s my rant for the day =P

3 thoughts on “what’s up with celebrities?

  1. way to speak your mind dodo, I love david bowie’s music, but I do not get absorbed into his personal life. It is pointless, I am interested in his creativity, not his personal life!!

  2. I totally agree with you on this one. I was pretty obsseed with a boy band but never did I cry over them,I just kept telling myself ‘they are normal people doing a job’.
    When I went to this backstreet boys thing I saw other girls crying…2hrs before they even arrived!!! Anyway this obsession people have with stars is crazy, they are just like us you know! 🙂

  3. I’ll cheer to that, I’m not obessed with any stars at all. To me they are just fake and they are just a regular person just doing there job just to entertain us…..

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