SO easter and april fool’s..

dodo's easter eggsok so i’m FINALLY here to show my easter pictures. i could never get the pictures of my eggs to focus ;_; even after i tried so many times, i only came up with this. like i said, it’s my first time coloring eggs. i wrote some chinese on the first egg and drew flowers on the second and third. andy’s got some weird creativity that day.. i don’t think i want to show you his eggs (as we already ate two of his this morning) well, he drew the easter bunny getting shot on one of his eggs. XD

i was quite terrible playing jokes on people yesterday and having a fun time. thanks for all the critism. i’m sorry you couldn’t put away seriousness and got mad at me LOL

i called andy at work when i got home and started with this sad voice
“andy, my mom’s here.” complete silence for couple seconds, then
“WHAT?” by then i knew i got him HAHAHA.. “WHAT do you mean she’s there?”
“Well, I don’t know how she found out where we live but she was waiting at the door so i had to let her in.”
Silence, “OK, just wait, i will come home right a way.”
“hmm, you don’t have to..”
“………oh, this is one of those april fool’s, isn’t it?!”

anyway, more easter pictures here and i will be working my mastering chemistry and study for my computer hardware exam on thursday. OH YEAH, andy’s FINALLY gonna ship his guitar to this appointed place by Gretsch. Gretsch is so terrible. keep pushing away their responsibility for weeks. we are gonna watch “best in show” tonite. i watched most of it in my literature class and thought it was REALLY funny. so i rent the dvd for us to watch tonite =)

in case you haven’t noticed, jessi‘s got an awesome new layout up. it’s sooo simple and yet so nice looking. made me totally speechless. i dont know how she can come up with such design. another unbelievably talented girl wendi have some new layouts up too.

8 thoughts on “SO easter and april fool’s..

  1. oh my dodo! hahaha another one *sigh*…XD poor andy! hahah i did something like that to my bf… actting like i was gonna say it was over… hahaha… he totally fell for it.. XD!! but i felt MAJORLY guilty afterwards… haha shouldn’t do mean things, on nice people *ahemDODO*… hehe
    btw nice sweater =).. i could need it over here… o_O it snowed…. again….

  2. hehehe, you did a good job with the April Fools. btw, I’m back posting on ordinary girl. 🙂 It’s been a bit busy. 🙂 But I feel GREAT!

  3. Hehehe, that is so funny! (Yeah, I am a little late on the commenting, lol.)

    By the way, what you said about my site and design was so sweet! *hugs Dodo*

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