new theme

i made new xml and css compliant theme called clean. this theme is based on the code written by since it said feel free to steal LOL. i did credit it in my comment of my source.

i chose to walk instead of sitting on the bus today. it was so nice out. the walk was fine except had couple idiotic guys honk at me. for what? to flirt or something? i have no idea.. just plain ridiculous. so i’ve already done the 15 minutes exercise for today. now i just need to wait til andy gets home it’s 11pm already. where is he? 😦 need to get off and call! *he said he has this team meeting at kfc.. and it’s still going… sigh…*

11 thoughts on “new theme

  1. ooh I like this clean version. *sets it as her theme* hehe my preference shows so well in my choice. I always prefer the theme which is the easiest to read. My theme @ the protag forum in the nolog fast loading one.. haha all I care is for the content. πŸ˜›

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