school n work


i didn’t know my cs department is this cool. i can access all these cds FOR FREE! except Microsoft Office which i already have XD

i emailed that guy to pick up the followings:
Disc 1050 Windows XP Professional
Disc 1112 Windows XP Multilingual User Interface Pack, Disc 1; English
Disc 1113 Windows XP Multilingual User Interface Pack, Disc 2; English
Disc 1172 Windows XPProfessional; English

man i love XP’s interface. have you seen it? i just saw it today at the library.

12 thoughts on “wow

  1. xp scares me. It crashes funny. o.O Maybe it’s cuz I use photoshop or something… i dunno.. win2k is great if you like security though. 🙂

  2. really? hmm, maybe i won’t use xp on my current computer then. will use it on andy’s new computer. coz i really don’t have much to complain about my current win2k.

  3. Ooh, you can get all that for free? *jealous ^_^*
    I’ve been using XP for quite a while now & its pretty good but incompatable (sp?) with some programs i.e. my webcam.
    Over all its pretty good but I miss Win 98!

  4. i got xp before it was released… i had beta versions and junk. i’ve never installed it, i love my 2000 server too much. 😀

    i have soooo many microsoft cd rom’s that i have no clue what they are… i had every new program sent to me for an entire year. o_0

  5. grr…xp wouldn’t run some programs i wanted because they were mainly designed for windows 95 +98 (i think). i missed the old version taskbar (they had it as an option though). i got so annoyed i made fun of it because it ‘xp’ looks like someone sticking their toungue out 😉

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