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no pillow fight with daynah ;_;

sigh.. altho i crushed into the bed last nite at 8, andy woke me up at 10 when he went to bed and guess what?! i could not fall asleep after that. i was thinking about web pages and programming of course XD i forced myself NOT TO get on the internet. i got up around 2am and did the exercise i missed that day hoping to make myself tired enough to fall asleep. but i couldn’t. i ended up reading the book for my book report for modern china until 4am. and i got up at 9. (now i’m sleepy Zzzz~~)

after my chemistry class, i quickly went home wishing to take a nap. but andy showed up with this new car he was looking at last nite on the advertisement. it’s a 96 geo metro from a nearby city. he said the dealer allowed him to drive the metro to iowa city and leave his car there. he can trade in his car for $2000 and pay an additional $1000 for the metro.

it’s a cute purple car. he let me drive it. and i took it to my dad. but my dad hated it =P its engine is really loud and the acceleration is TERRIBLE. he said it probably has poor transmission system. it’s really not a good deal. so andy will have to take it back tomorrow.

i also got my greencard from my mom!! i couldn’t believe it was so easy. my mom was actually acting like A PERSON. i have to get my greencard coz the apartment places asked us to attend an “interview” next tuesday with them before they give us the apartment. and at that interview, i need to bring my greencard. so i was like NO… i was expecting to have a very difficult time getting the card.

i called my mom around noon. i told her i want to get the greencard. she asked if it was ok for her to drive by the place i live and drop it off for me. of course i firmly refused. then she sounded a bit pissed off and went “fine, just come and get it yourself then” and hang up. i was expecting to not seeing her when i go there or not getting the card easily. since similar senario happened too many times before. nevertheless, i had to go.

when i walked into the house, she handed the card to me right a way. and she also gave me some coupons for a buffet place. she even said “oh, you can stop by more often.” LOL why would i want to do that?! the greencard is last thing i ever need to get from her. not impressive. just can’t do anything to change my conception about her any more.

16 thoughts on “no pillow fight with daynah ;_;

  1. lol… well, people can surprise you 😉 hehe… but oh well. Don’t think to much of it! hehe You got the greencard, so that’s what matters =) hehe

  2. I’m so glad you got your greencard and that your mom wasn’t a total pain about it. I don’t know much about your relationship with her, but from what I gather, it wasn’t good at all. :

  3. Maybe she’s trying to make amends. Do you know that April 2nd is Ann Lander’s recommendation for Reconcilation Day? I don’t know if your mom believes in second chances…maybe she does. It’s probably too late for her, though.

  4. I hope this works now… Yay that you got your green card! 😀 I am sorry that things with your Mom are so bad. Maybe she´s going to chance at a point? *hugs* Dodo!

  5. nadine: greencard is

    A Permanent Resident Card, commonly known as a Green Card, is evidence of your status as a lawful permanent resident with a right to live and work permanently in the United States. It also is evidence of your registration in accordance with United States immigration laws. The Permanent Resident Card is also called INS Form I-551.

    copied from here

  6. Oh Dodo, I had no idea *hugs* I just thought that everyone got along perfectly with their mums. I had no idea that you two were like that. Hope it all works out for you in the future & that you & your mum can work things out. 😦

  7. I read it too Dodo, that´s really so very sad. {{{Dodo}}} Even if things don´t look good right now, maybe she´s gonna change at some point? I hope you are going to be ok. *lots of hugs*

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