new car

bad andy! i told him to blog and he didn’t!! i will go home and spank him today muahahaha.. XD well he bought a new car. my father actually liked this one. a 92 geo prism and as what i heard, it’s essentially the same as a toyoto corolla. it’s a small white car. i only got to have a quick look. the inside looks like my old car.

it’s raining really bad today otherwise i’d take a picture of it =)

and this is just TOOOOO funny but terrible.. woaaaaaaaaa

8 thoughts on “new car

  1. that is so funny..I love the part where he said Oh my god and saids it in chinese as well..LOL, you got that from cyn didn’t you…lol. Love it!

  2. Even though I can’t read in chineese, i understood the whole story. 😡 Anyways it is funny, sad too.

    Ahh I don’t care what kind of car I get. I just want a working kind :o)

  3. lolll that flash thing was funny! aha, even though i could only understand the ” ni hao ” and the ” email ” part, it was still funny ^-^

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