a little break

i’m SO tired today. sleepy altho i went to sleep early last nite. don’t know what’s wrong ;_; i think i woke up in my dream about my own wedding. i can’t remember the details. it was weird.

random questions:
– how long is your longest sleep?
15 hours?! don’t remember =P
– what do you do when you are stressed?
surf the net, work on new web designs, write codes, read books, sing, go out have a walk, play a game and the list goes on i guess
– what’s the best thing ever invented in the world?
me! ok maybe i’m not invented, i jumped out from the rocks.
– what phrase or word do you say most often?
hmm do i have one? maybe “cool” or “year rite”
– what are some of your childhood hobbies you no longer have?
make ups.. i don’t have the time or interest for make ups any more.
– if you are sitting in a cafeteria by yourself and a younger boy (not attractive) came and started to ask you sexual questions, what do you do?
flip him off.

9 thoughts on “a little break

  1. Last question, you’d flip him off? lol… I’d say something smart that would embarass him. 😉 Then he wouldn’t be asking any more questions… haha

    Oh weee… i beat ecila again! hehehe

  2. Just wanted to say I love your entries… just came across your blog site yesterday. Very funny, just the stuff that goes in your head… like these questions. Anyway, keep up the great work.

  3. daynah, i really wish i did.. it happened to me. i ignored them but it really bothered me. you’d say something smart? hehe.. it’s like sexual harrassment, those people don’t reason with you.

  4. Well, here’s something I learned from a nurse. If a guy shows you his.. thing.. just point, and start laughing hysterically. lol Do something to that extent. 🙂

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