is suicide morally wrong?

i thought i’m mostly over the stage contemplating life’s ambivalence all the time. but this thread has gotten me sentimental again. life’s so sad sometimes – no simple right or wrong can describe it. i typed this on that thread.

here’s an extreme case and it’s a true story. i wish i have the original version but i will try to describe this as best as i can.

ling is a doctor in china before the cultural revolution (CR) started. she has been awarded the best doctor in her community for many times. when the CR started in china, the red guards went to her house where she and her parents resided. the red guards dragged out her dad who was a famous painter and had his art works displayed in america. they found the receipt her father had from the american museum and called him a spy. they started beating him as well as her and her mom. they broke everything in the house and took them outside to the streets. marched them around with them wearing tall white paper hats with their names written under a red cross. with heavy banners hanging around their necks with very thin wires. after a day of torture, they were bruised and had blood all over their bodies. they were not allowed to eat. everything in their house had been destroyed. electricity and gas had been cut off. perhaps to prevent them from suiciding. it was very obvious tomorrow they would be dragged out for more humiliation and torture. at this time, they found a small knife which the red guards had left due to carelessness. all they wanted was to die and to break free from the torture they could not bear. ling is a doctor, she knows exactly where to cut would kill a person instantly. her mom said: how lucky we are to have a doctor daughter to help us to die.

is suicide morally wrong in this case?

15 thoughts on “is suicide morally wrong?

  1. both of my parents and my grand parents had lived thru that period of chinese history tho. my grandpa was dragged out marched as well. he got his high blood pressure that time. but they never told me much details. and my dad was one of those eager red guards. during his age that time it was the most famous to do – being a red guard.

  2. aww =( that’s so sad…


    i don’t think it matters if it’s wrong or not. It’ just when life get’s so hard, and one wants to die, and has the guts to actually kill themselves, then that was purely their choice. Who cares if it’s wrong…. when they’re gone, they’re gone, and saying what they did was wrong, wouldn’t bring them back. I’m sure if i was in their situations, i would have tried to find a way to kill myself too…. to stop all of the hurtting. It’s a sad thing, which people do, but it’s their choice, when their minds are filled with hate, and sorrow, and they just want to get away from it all. period. i wouldn’t blame them if they wanted out! it isn’t wrong, but it isn’t the only choice. But how the red guards were doing to their family, they would have died anyhow, sooner or later; better to die with your family together, without peering eyes, then at the hand of the blind.

  3. I heard alot about what Christians in China have to gone through, this one is also really sad. I have my own perspective about suicide, but basically I don’t agree with it.

  4. yea, i also don’t think it’s about being wrong or not.. it’s about how strong you are and how much you can take.

  5. thats horrible. you can find a whole bunch of sites on that issue, just go search for euthanasia (sp?) in a search engine. personally, i think its wrong to throw the gift of life back in God’s face (or allah, parents, etc) but sometimes its the only way out

  6. it was during the culture revolution. things had been strange in that period of time, really was all Old Mao’s fault (but he’d done many good things tho, like won many wars/battles)

    china now ROCKS!’s been moving foward possitively amazily fast! (i guess i’m off the topic..)

    anywayz, i just wanna bring you guys some positive impressions about china..cuz above is just too horrible..

    i’m new here, but only new to the post area, cuz i come visit here often (i’m kinda attracted to dodo’s life stories).
    你好 dodo, hi everyone~

  7. I think it depends on the situation. Certain things can lower your confidence so much that you really want to die, but others only discourage you. I guess you have to know the difference before you make the leap and kill yourself.

  8. oops left this out: my friend, whom scares my sometimes, used this as her name for MSN messenger: “It takes a lifetime to aquire the feeling to kill yourself, It only takes 30 seconds to actually do it” I don’t know if it actually meant something, but her blogs are really depressing and she wrote this: “Seriously thinking about suicide. Doesn’t mass suicide sound fun???” and this: “I’m going anorexic for all you peeps that care to know. Hopefully It’ll kill me. With a little luck it will. I wish. Anyhow, It sounds like fun doesn’t it?”. It’s sad.

  9. felisha, china is a very populated place yes. but the government has managed so far to control the population growth with single child policy.

  10. the story you left was tragic and horrible what those red gurad did by taking a person in there hand by torturing them with out justice no reasoning whatsoever. I see that the families are in pain by taking so many suffering they want to end it just right there.

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