fun of the day

today’s mostly boring.. but there are a couple of good moments. i installed aim for my dad couple days ago.. here’s our conversation:

dad: zhang ying I want to try this program. that can’t use return????
me: you hit return, then the message will be posted. why you need return otherwise?
dad: I would use it like normal writting. it looks work right now! wondful, wondful. bye. bye
me: wonderful!!
me: not wondful >:o
dad: you are right, ye! you can correct my writting. thank you!
me: πŸ™‚
me: what are you doing?!
dad: I’m reading chinese news in sina sit. what are you doing?
me: i’m visiting my board
dad: thank you!
me: for what?
dad: for corect my mistakes
me: oh ok

dad: OK
me: why you wait like forever to reply a message?
dad: what’s your mean?
me: what was that “OK” for?
dad: that means I know
me: you know what?
dad: The instant message shows you singed off at 18:52:19
me: oh i see.. that’s automatic! not by me.. but by the server.. you don’t have to reply to that
me: i thought you were replying to a message a long long time ago
dad: Ok! I kown

then i showed daynah this picture and daynah showed Al. Al consequently said he doesn’t want any pets. I got to talk to Al for the first time:

me: daynah said you don’t want pets? LOL
Al: nah.. too much work hehe
Al: my brother has a dog, bird, 2 aquariums
Al: and im stuck taking care of it for 2 weeks 😦
me: arr.. but pets do work for you too… like clean your child’s mouth
Al: hahaha

9 thoughts on “fun of the day

  1. LOL your dad is so cute. My dad used AIM last year to talk to me and it bugged me out… he was like “Daddy wants you to study now okay?” “Daddy go sleep now. bye.” lol

  2. Oh right. We all speak perfect English automatically upon entrance of this country. *rolls eyes* Are you saying that everyone who doesn’t speak 100% correct English (which btw is quite a fallacy.. there exists no such thing as a standard English since language is constantly evolving; take a linguistics course)English…should be kicked out? Does that include you? Obviously, from the conversation that was pasted above, I see Dodo’s father as a man who has learned English to a degree. If he wasn’t, duh.. he’d be speaking Chinese to her.


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