my back has been hurting all day šŸ˜¦ i think it’s worse than the previous days since it started on monday. i am not exactly sure where the pain rooted from, but i got it after i played frisbee baseball at my dad’s boss’ party on sunday. i didn’t realize i pulled a muscle or anything on sunday but when i got up from the bed on monday, i felt muscle pain from quite a few spots on my body. all the pains are completely gone by now except the area around my lower back. every time i move, it hurts. today it’s been hurting even when i sit on the sofa watching tv. it hurts when i sit on the comfy chair andy recently bought me too šŸ˜¦

i tried to take a nap after we got back from andy’s bro’s place. the phone rang three times in the one and half hour i tried to fall asleep arrg. so i finally got up. i wanted to work some more on the poll hack for dmb. it’s been hard šŸ˜¦ i put some pillows against my back, but i can’t stop feeling the pain ;_; why?!

i talked to my dad on the phone. i think if the pain doesn’t go away by next week, i will need to see a doctor. this is really strange šŸ˜¦ i hope nothing big is happening to my health coz i can not stand going back to china as a cripple arrg..

8 thoughts on “*sob*

  1. awww my poor dodo šŸ˜¦
    did you try taking some extra-strength pain killers for it? it won’t be such a nice trip back home, like this =(

  2. hope your back feels better before the trip. during volleyball/basketball season i use a strong muscle cream with alcohol in it. i can’t remember the name though.

  3. Ni Hao Dodo. Great site you have here. From RBJ Another Shanghaiese (my best friend is Shanghaiese.) Very nice site. Be looking up on it more often. jai jian.

  4. Heya dodo, like your site and the ability to change themes šŸ™‚ Really cool, I like PHP too. Just did a subject at uni which is PHP and ASP.NET which is rather interesting and connecting to an Oracle database. It was easy, but got exam next friday for it. Should be a breeze though.

    Anywho, nice page šŸ™‚

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