wedding crase

andy and i were thinking of crazy things we could do for our wedding.. we were laughing our heads off.. i know most of these will probably not come true but it’s so fun just to let your creativity go wild..

here are couple i remember:
1. send invitations to couple gullible (like andy’s cousin Blake) people telling them it’s gonna be a costume party. so they would dress up for the wedding and everyone is gonna think they are crazy.

2. have an apple eating contest along with other couples. the apples will be hanging from the ceiling and everything’s fair except other apples besides ours will be made of plastic.

3. have a blind fold and sticking contest (it probably has a name but i dont know)… blind fold people, spin them around for a while and give them something to stick to the board couple feet away. we will get let’s say some obese male celebrity (haven’t figured out who)’s topless poster on the board and give the person a pair of bras to stick to it.

4. andy says he’s gonna wear a curly blond wig LOL

1. play musical chair with rolling chairs (suggested by lele)
2. play dodge ball with watermelons/water balloons (suggested by jason)
3. the blindfold bride must identify the broom from a group of males by touching their butts (suggested by ecila!)

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