grill sunday

turkey legs, shark steak, salmon.. that’s the grill sunday.. filling up my tommy at matthias’s (andy’s bro) place.

actually i’m not sure how i liked shark steak.. it tasted less like fish than i expected.. it’s scary to think it’s meat from a SHARK.. i only had a little.. i tried not to think about shark too much when i eat =P =P

i’m thinking about promoting another admin for dmb to help me handle all the star member applications. man.. i really don’t spend as much time on dmb as many of the members there so i need like a promotion team.. another admin for my vacation to china will be great 😉

6 thoughts on “grill sunday

  1. I wouldn’t want to eat shark steak too much…they say shark fin soup is high in cholesterol, and I like shark fin soup. I don’t know about shark steak, though.

  2. lol, shark this, shark that. It’s all part of the same fish =D

    hehe but mMMMm turkey legs! turkey is great! better then chicken! =D lower in fat too… heehhe!

  3. hmm, i’ve never had shark before! i’ll have to try it sometime…. good luck on finding another admin, that’s a good idea ;D

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